Epoxy Resinous Flooring

Epoxy Resinous Flooring is a nonporous solution to your flooring needs. Epoxy is a long-lasting material that is unbelievably durable and solid as well as versatile which is why it has become one of the top choices in the industrial and commercial settings. 

Aside from its durability, something that makes it so great is that you can personalize it with inlays and design patterns to match the area around you. There is a vast array of options, colors and finishes available. Epoxy compound is being used in the market not only to create a beautiful flooring option but also to remedy difficult renovation problems such as uneven floor surfaces.

Another benefit of choosing Epoxy Flooring is the minimal amount of maintenance required to keep your floor looking clean and polished.

Maintenance Tips for your Epoxy Flooring

  1. For minor spills or vehicle drippings, simply wipe them up with a paper towel or other soft cloth.

  2. Routine maintenance cleaning is best achieved with either a soft bristle broom or a blue commercial dust mop (available at any home improvement store).

  3. For heavy cleaning of a soiled epoxy floor, sweep away any loose debris and then mop floor with a hard foam mop, hot water and clear ammonia.

  4. Most substances can normally be removed with hot water and a deck brush.

  5. Some stains (including rust) may require light scrubbing with a kitchen scrubbing pad. If you’re unable to remove with just hot water, we recommend using Soft Scrub. Do not use Comet or other abrasive cleaning chemicals on the coatings.

  6. If desired, the floor can be hosed out and squeegeed dry.

  7. Do not use any cleaner that contains acids (citrus cleaners or vinegar) or soap-based cleaners. Soap based cleaners leave a residue on the floor that not only detracts from the shine, but also become increasingly slippery should the floor get wet.