Polished concrete floors are very durable; however, they are not impervious to scratches, “chip outs,” or staining. This is a finished floor system and must be treated as such. The following list provides guidance on how to maintain your floor system:

  • Do not apply sealers or waxes to these floors. If the floor’s shine has diminished, contact Ardor Solutions to schedule a re-burnish.
  • Do not use ammonia, bleach, Mop-n-Glow, Pine-Sol, Lysol, or citrus-based products.
  • Do not use a Swiffer Wet-Jet type of cleaning tool. The liquid in these devices contains trace amounts of solvent material.
  • Do keep the floor clean. Dirt and other contaminants on a polished concrete floor will act like sandpaper, and will diminish the shine and the floor’s overall appearance.
  • Do place walk-off floor mats at entrances to help reduce salts and dirt tracked onto the surface. Do keep walk-off mats maintained and clean.
  • Do prevent rainwater from collecting on the floor, as it can be acidic, and can etch a polished concrete floor.
  • Do use felt pads on chairs and other furniture feet. Do not scrape or drag steel or sharp object over the floor.
  • Do lift heavy furniture when moving it.
  • Do use pads under rolling chairs. Do not use a rolling desk or office chair on a polished concrete floor without a large pad.
  • Do not apply tape of any type for any length of time to dyed, colored, or stained concrete.
  • Do limit the application of tape to grey, natural concrete to two hours, and use only 3M Blue Painter’s Tape.
  • Do not place potted plants directly on your polished surfaces. Do use a plant dolly or plant stand with legs to allow for ventilation between the planter and surfacing system. Failure to do so may leave a white mineral deposit that can permanently discolor the surface.
  • Do not allow plant fertilizers to come into contact with polished floors.
  • Do not place rubber-backed mats on any polished or decorative concrete surfacing system. Rising vapors that are emitted from cementitious substrates must be allowed to evaporate naturally. Rubber-backed mats trap rising vapors, preventing the natural evaporation process, which results in a hard mineral deposit build-up, which is difficult, if not impossible, to remove without discoloration.
  • Do feel free to use rugs that allow vapors to pass through them, or those with open weave/waffle like backing for indoor flooring systems.

Cleaning Your Floor

Following our guidelines on how to maintain your flooring will ensure that your flooring system will continue to look as beautiful as the day it was installed for many years to come.

Your new Ardor Solutions Floor has a density, hardness, and appearance like no other floor of its kind. While many people try to copy our floor, it is never duplicated. With the proper care, your floor will last a lifetime. Like anything else, your Ardor Solutions Floor will need a little attention from time to time to make sure it’s holding up against the demands you place on it.

To keep your Ardor Solutions Floor in perfect condition, you should maintain it, including routine cleaning and occasional stain removal.

Your new Ardor Solutions Floor meets all documented standards for dust-proofing, water resistance, hardness, gloss, and slip resistance. Who better to help you keep it that way than the one who installed it?

We recommend the use of Professional Polished Concrete Cleaner Plus on your flooring system.

Contact us for more information on how to keep your floors glossy.