Surface Preparation

Customers require certain elements from their floors. Any flooring option installed over concrete requires a smooth, flat, and clean floor. In addition, there may be some residual product leftover when an old floor is removed due to carpet glue, tile mastic, or epoxy paint. In most cases, the old products must be completely removed for the new flooring product.

Ardor Solutions | Surface PreparationWith our high production equipment, Ardor Solutions can help prepare the floor to receive a new coating, paint or adhesive. Our 32” to 44” machines can remove old coatings and prep the surface for new coatings in one to two steps depending on the customer’s required profile.
For coatings over an 1/8” thick, a single pass from our shaver leaves a rough profile to allow the new coating to “bite in”. Our planetary grinders can remove material and flatten the floor at the same time.

In some cases, large stock removal is required so the new flooring installation will meet adjacent flooring. Terrazzo typically requires the removal of ¾” of concrete stock when installing in an existing building.  The shaver can remove the stock necessary for the terrazzo or patching compounds.

These processes are dry and chemically free. The use of industrial vacuums keeps the dry waste contained making disposal by Ardor Solutions easy and safe.

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