Polished Concrete Benefits

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Ardor Solutions Concrete Polishing System has been nationally recognized for its green qualities, benefits, and contributions to the awarding of LEED designations. This dedicated Green section not only showcases the multitude of green projects completed by Ardor Solutions, but also provides a wealth of information on how the Ardor Solutions System can contribute significantly to LEED silver, gold and platinum awards. The Ardor Solutions System is a natural, environmentally-friendly product and process, making it the natural answer to your green solutions.

Ardor Solutions | Polished Concrete


Some of the benefits of polished concrete include:

  • Elimination of Dusting from Efflorescence In ordinary unpolished concrete, tiny particles of dust are pushed to the surface through an upward force called hydrostatic pressure, resulting in efflorescence. Efflorescence leads to dusting, which forces epoxies off of the surface of concrete floors and can make maintenance a costly priority.

  • Stain-Resistant By densifying and sealing the surface, polished concrete transforms a porous concrete floor into a tightened floor that is dense enough to repel water, oil and other contaminants, preventing them from penetrating the surface.

  • Improved Reflectivity and Ambient Lighting The reflective properties of a polished concrete floor increases the lighting in facilities. Increased ambient lighting will reduce the energy bill as well as look beautiful.

  • Increased Slip Resistance Polished concrete, though quite shiny, does not create a slippery floor. In fact, the benefits of mechanically grinding and flattening the floor will increase the coefficient of friction when compared to ordinary concrete. Polished concrete often exceeds OSHA standards for floors. (ASTM C 1028)

  • Less Maintenance Most floor systems, including tile and linoleum, require aggressive scrubbing to maintain a clean environment and nice appearance. Polished concrete surfaces are tightly compacted, reducing stains and do not require any waxing or stripping to maintain the sheen.

  • Cost-Effective Polished concrete will reduce energy and maintenance costs significantly through reflectivity and ambient lighting, reduction in upkeep (such as waxing) and reduced tire wear.

  • LEED Friendly Polished concrete not only utilizes existing concrete surfaces, eliminating additional materials such as coverings/coatings and moving towards sustainable building, it typically contains no noticeable VOC’s, making it friendly for any USBG LEED project.

  • Improved condition for old floors (Mechanical Polish Only) As concrete ages, surface stress, delamination, curled cold joints and other problems can arise. Mechanically grinding the floor will remove the top surface of the old concrete and polishing will then strengthen it, increasing its impact and abrasion resistance.

  • Reduced Tire Wear (Mechanical Polish) The rough, uneven texture of natural concrete causes tires to abrade, adding to their wear. A polished concrete floor system will level the joints and make the entire surface smooth, preventing this abrasion.

  • No Production/Plant Shutdowns (Mechanical Polish) Dry-Mechanically polished concrete can be put into service immediately after the process is complete. Due to the cleanliness of the process and the lack of toxic or hazardous chemicals, floors can often be serviced while the plant is in full production.


Ardor Solutions | Polished Concrete Floor TestingUpon the completion of your Ardor Solutions floor, it is tested to meet the predetermined specifications for the gloss, surface texture profile, hardness, slip resistance, water repellency and other qualities.

How long should it meet those standards?

Your floor should continue to meet those standards for the lifetime of the floor, as long as it is properly maintained. Inspect and test your floor regularly the same way it was tested when new.

If test results meet or exceed the standards set when the floor was new, then you have done a great job! If test results dip below the standards, you may need adjust your maintenance program. Your maintenance program may require more frequent cleaning or a the application of a Re-Burnish/Re-New treatment.

Our consultant can train your in-house staff on how to care for your Ardor Solutions Floor.