Concrete Floor Cleaner

Your new Ardor Solutions Floor has a density, hardness, and appearance like no other floor of its kind. While many people try to copy our floor, it is never duplicated. With the proper care, your floor will last a lifetime. But like anything else, your Ardor Solutions Floor will need a little attention from time to time to make sure it’s holding up against the demands you place on it.   

Floor Cleaner Tech Specs

ARMOUR” Concrete Cleaner & Conditioner

The following specs are for “ARMOUR” Concrete Cleaner & Conditioner:

  • Form: Clear liquid with no scent. 8.5 lbs. per gallon (1.02 kg per liter)
  • Flashpoint: Not applicable
  • Freezing: If product freezes, agitate to re-emulsify
  • pH: 11.0 – 12.0
  • Packaging: 55 Gallon (208L) Drums
  • Size: 5 Gallon (19L) Pails
  • Storage Life: Two years
  • Dilution Ratio: General Cleaning – 1 oz. of “ARMOUR” Concrete Cleaner & Conditioner per gallon of water (7.8 ml/liter)
  • Poultice Method: 4 oz. of “ARMOUR” Concrete Cleaner & Conditioner per gallon of water (31.2 ml/liter)

To use the "ARMOUR” Concrete Cleaner & Conditioner:

  1. First, remove any debris from the area to be cleaned.
  2. ARMOUR” Concrete Cleaner & Conditioner can then be applied by wet mop, automatic scrubber, or other means*.
  3. Remove any excess diluted “ARMOUR” Concrete Cleaner & Conditioner and allow the concrete surface to air-dry.
  4. Periodically burnish or buff the surface with a non-aggressive pad or polishing pad.

*To avoid streaking, use only a rayon mop head and change the cleaning solution every 800-1,000 ft2 (244-305 m2).


Additional Services and Maintenance

We offer product sales, consulting, maintenance contracts, floor testing, floor evaluations and can teach you or your staff how to maintain your new floor.  

Your new Ardor Solutions Floor meets all documented standards for dust proofing, water resistance, hardness, gloss and slip resistance. Who better to help you keep it that way than the one who installed it?

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