More than a Decade of Customer Relationships

Ardor Solutions was founded more than a decade ago because we saw that there was a need for a company that honored clients and employees alike with a higher level of values. Here at Ardor, we build relationships with our clients—they’re not just customers, they're our partners. We are passionate about integrating our beliefs into our company’s mission and performing with integrity and honor at every project. We’re not satisfied until our clients are… period.

Company Headquarters & Regional Office Locations

Ardor Solutions' company headquarters are in Oklahoma City, OK, with Southeast regional offices in Charleston, SC; Orlando, FL; Atlanta, GA; and Dallas, TX. However, we provide nationwide service.

Performance Based System

Ardor Solutions Performance Based System conveys "what" needs to be accomplished, but not prescriptively "how" to do it. Ardor Solutions utilizes scientific measurements to define a system curtailed to meet a specific client’s needs. This allows Ardor Solutions to be able effectively manage not only customer expectations in quality of product given but also the cost range of an end product.

Situational Analysis

Ardor Solutions begins by sitting down with the client to analyze all factors needed to design a system based entirely on the individual criteria of each client or owner. Through this process we find out the expectations of the client not only in the flooring system designed but in the manner in which it is achieved. All the while ensuring the specified system is designed to handle the environment in which it is intended to be used.

System Formulation 

After compiling all of the data from the Analysis we then design a flooring system that meets the clients needs.

Strategic Implementation 

Ardor Solutions has a very intensive management system to ensure the implementation of our system in the most expeditious manner. We feel we not only provide a superior floor system but we provide it in the most efficient manner.  Saving both time and money.

Evaluation and Control

Ardor Solutions uses the latest technology to measure results.  We have our own quality control procedures to insure we are leaving the client with the product they expect.